Endowed Campership

As a mother, I am grateful and thrilled that my son had the privilege and opportunity to attend and participate in camp. It has been a life changing summer.

photo 1-3An Endowed Campership is a lump sum of funds donated to the Foundation for a set period of years or in perpetuity. The donor can choose the name of the Endowed Campership and the camp, if requested.

This is a living tribute to someone deserving of such recognition or a lasting memorial for a friend or loved one who has died. When a Campership Endowment is established, a child will go to camp each year under the name of the established campership either in perpetuity or for a specific number of years, depending on the amount of the donation.

Endowments are intended to grow or at least maintain value over the long-term. The value of the interest/income is intended to both pay for full camperships and intended to continue to grow the endowment over time to keep up with rising costs in all areas.

Please contact us if you have questions or are interested in establishing a fund such as one of the following 13 endowed camperships: