Endowed Campership

I am grateful and thrilled that my son had the privilege and opportunity to attend and participate in camp. It has been a life changing summer.

– Mother of Leonardo G.

An Endowed Campership is a tremendously significant investment in the future of the young people we serve. It is a named fund established through a $150,000 gift that is restricted to send a child to camp in perpetuity.


To learn more about establishing an Endowed Campership, please contact us.

The following funds have been generously established:

Craig I. Colvig Memorial Campership

Armed with a deep commitment to providing young people with a non-competitive environment, the personal challenges of living out of doors, creative fun, and lasting friendships, Craig and Mary Colvig took over an abandoned children’s camp outside of Durango, CO in the summer of 1970. The following summer they opened the current 600-acre campsite in the Red Creek Valley bordering the San Juan National Forest. Despite the loss of Craig and two staff members in a private plane crash in 1981, the Colvig Camp family rallied to continue Craig’s dream. The Craig I. Colvig Memorial Campership was created and is supported by past and present alumni and staff of CSC to continue Craig and Mary’s vision for young people. This money sends several deserving young men and women to camp each summer. Craig’s oldest son, Clay, with the help of Cassidy Colvig (the youngest son) and their families, still operate CSC with the same personal commitment to each and every camp family.

Reverdie and Jean Ater Memorial Campership

The Reverdie and Jean Ater Memorial Campership was created to honor the memory of Alan Ater’s parents, Reverdie and Jean. Alan said that his Colvig Silver Camps experience changed his life and formed who he is today and that he wished to give other kids the same opportunity.

Established 2005 

Sis Cheley Memorial Campership

Eleanor “Sis” Cheley, the widow of John Austin “Jack” Cheley, was much loved by generations of Cheley campers. As she was a great friend and supporter of the Foundation, the Board of Trustees created the Sis Cheley Memorial Campership after her death in 2005.

Established 2005

John C. Lebor Memorial Campership

Funded by the Lebor Family Foundation to honor John who went to Cheley Camps for several years in the mid-50s as a camper and a counselor. Camp provided him with a strong sense of perspective and self-assurance. His love and respect for nature never ceased and was passed on to his children and, now, grandchildren as they attend camp. The Lebor Family hopes to extend this legacy on to other, less fortunate families.

Established 2007

Robert Perkins Memorial Campership

Robert Perkins spent nine years as a camper, counselor and program director at Colvig Silver Camps. His time there was incredibly significant to him and he had a significant impact on many young people. After Rob tragically died young in an accident, the Robert Perkins Memorial Campership was established in his memory. It is the hope with the Robert Perkins Campership that the memory of Rob’s character, dedication, friendship, and love of the mountains will live on in those that benefit from this endowment.

Established 2007

Kundtz/Tuohy Endowed Campership

Established by the Lee and MaryAnn (Tuohy) Kundtz family and funded by the Walter and Mary Tuohy Foundation. Walter and Mary Tuohy discovered Cheley during a family trip to Estes Park in the 1940s. Three generations of Tuohy descendants (Tuohy, Fenton, and Kundtz families) have been blessed with the opportunity to attend and work at Cheley, each learning and growing from the experience. The Kundtz family is excited to provide this opportunity of a lifetime to others.

Established 2008

Laura Naugle Sanborn and Mary Colvig Miller Campership Fund

The Laura Naugle Sanborn and Mary Colvig Miller Campership Fund honors the lives of two pioneering women. Each played an integral and essential role in the founding and growth of their respective camping organizations – Sanborn Western Camps and Colvig Silver Camps. Their careers’ work touched and influenced the lives of thousands of children from across the country and around the world. For more information on the lives of these visionary women, please visit the websites of Sanborn Western Camps and Colvig Silver Camps. Laura Naugle Sanborn passed away in February 2009 while Mary Colvig Miller is retired and lives in Washington State.

Established 2009

Carol and Ron Periard Family Campership

Carol and Ron Periard wanted to establish the Carol and Ron Periard Family Campership to enable a different child to attend camp each summer in their name. Carol (Hershey) attended Cheley Camps for many years in the 50’s. Carol received her Gold Spurs and Gold Key in her last summer at camp. Geof and Mark, their sons, also attended camp in the late 70’s and into the 80’s.  Mark was also on staff in the 90’s. Carol and Ron have both been active with the Foundation for many years. Carol is a tireless worker always looking for new donors, and Ron has done a terrific job with the Summit Society.

Established 2009

Anna Belle Kritser Memorial Campership

Anna Belle Kritser, a much beloved Cheley camper, counselor, and director, passed away December 6, 2008. Anna Belle was the founder of the “kazoo band” in girls’ camp that existed for many years. Anna Belle had a true love for the outdoors and camp, which translated into a strong bond with all who came in contact with her, especially children. She was one of the original founders of the John Austin Cheley Foundation and served as a trustee. Anna Belle bequeathed through her estate $25,000 to the Foundation, and the trustees used it as the first contribution to the Anna Belle Kritser Memorial Campership Fund. The Anna Belle Kritser Memorial Campership was also funded by the friends of Anna Belle and a generous donation from Cheley Colorado Camps.

Established 2011

John T. Jackson Endowed Campership

The John T. Jackson Endowed Campership honors and memorializes the life and unfulfilled dreams of John T. Jackson who died tragically at age 22 in June, 2003 in the Chicago porch collapse accident. John attended Cheley Colorado Camps for several years in the 90’s and went on to become an avid athlete and outdoorsman interested in travel and world exploration. John’s family has established this endowment through contributions from a donor-advised fund at The Greater Kansas Community Foundation. The endowment has been designated to send a camper to Cheley Colorado Camps. For more information about John T. Jackson, please click on the following link to the John T. Jackson Foundation: http://www.jtjfoundation.org

Established 2013

Mary E. Wolfe Satter Endowed Campership

The Mary E. Wolfe Satter Endowed Campership honors an underserved youth in attending Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park, Colorado. Mary attended Cheley Camps in the late 40’s and is now sending several of her grandchildren and family members. Mary is grateful that her grandmother sent her to Cheley for three years on the train from Illinois.

Established 2013

Brown Family Campership Fund

The Brown Family Campership Fund honors an underserved youth in attending Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park, Colorado. The family’s children benefitted greatly from their experiences at camp and wanted to share that same opportunity with children who could not afford to attend.

Established 2016

Williams Family Campership Fund

The Williams Family Campership Fund honors the growth that Adele Williams saw in her children and grandchildren after they attended Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park, CO. After so many years as beneficiaries of the gifts that camp has to offer, the family wanted to ensure that all kids can be exposed to camp, even when they cannot afford it. This fund provides for a campership to be awarded to either Cheley Colorado Camps or Colvig Silver Camps.

Established 2017

Livingston Family Fund

The Livingston Family Fund honors the commitment and dedication the family has given to the mission of JACF. This fund provides for a campership to be awarded to a camper to attend any of the Associate Camps of the Foundation and is bestowed upon the recipient for their full lifespan of camp.

Established 2018