A True Partnership in Lifelong Success

I would like to thank you for everything which you have given me by allowing me to go to camp for the past three summers. I have lived in the inner city my whole life and had never away from home for longer than a day. Camp has changed me so much for the better. Every summer I return home with a greater sense of who I am and a better outlook on the world.

DSC_0185The Adopt-A-Camper Program directly supports our mission and provides the donor a relationship that matters. It’s not just writing a check for an excellent cause and then not knowing really what happens as a result of the investment.

With a contribution of $25,000, a camper will be ensured funding for FIVE years. The donation may be funded upfront or over a five year period. In consideration, donors will receive:

 A thank you from the selected camper prior to the start of camp.

 An additional letter or card during camp.

 A Skype, Facetime or phone conversation from the camper to learn about the time at camp.

 Photos sent to you taken while the camper is participating in camp activities.

Like no other educational or youth-related program, camp develops the essentials of good character, the qualities of leadership and the respect and appreciation of the natural world, all critical 21st-century outcomes for lifelong success.

What could be a better investment?

To learn more about the Adopt-A-Camper program, please contact us.