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How Campers Become Leaders

Camp gives kids the chance to immerse themselves in nature and get away from the technology that often occupies them. The benefits are numerous, including personal growth, teamwork, physical exercise, and, of course, friendship. However, there is one tremendous benefit that is often overlooked – Leadership Development. “Leaders are likely to have had developmental experiences [...]
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5 Reasons Why Every Child Should Go To Summer Camp: #3 – Take Safe Risks and Create Challenge

Teens thrive on risk. Thanks to recent findings* about the unique attributes of the teen brain, we now understand the reason for the “mortality bump” for 17-year-old boys. They do stupid, daring things not because they aren’t aware of the dangers, but because—to them—the reward of leaping from a rocky cliff or speeding along a […]

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The Power of the Camp Experience

We are convinced that kids need camp. Today, like never before, teens and pre-teens are under tremendous pressure. Self-doubt, peer pressure, and a host of other harmful influences nag at kids every day.  Even kids who enjoy a strong support structure face hurdles. Camp provides opportunities for children and young adults to pull away and catch their breath – catch a […]

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Summer 2016: A Journey Unimagined

Summer 2016 was a time of opportunity, challenge and growth for 96 young people who set out on journeys that would take them to Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota and Maine. Journeys previously unimagined. But those individual journeys would not be bound by location or distance, instead they would be defined by achievement and ambition. On these journeys the [...]
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Learning Resilience and other Critical Skills at Camp

While traditional definitions of “at-risk youth” focus on the socioeconomically under-served, others seem to point to a broader perspective., a resource for parents and other adults, states, “Today’s youth face more serious and critical risks than any previous generation”. ALL young people (and in particular teenagers) are susceptible to stress, and coupled with a lack […]

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