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5 Reasons Why Every Child Should Go To Summer Camp: #1 To Improve Interpersonal Skills

In an interpersonal world we are often faced with issues involving communication, empathy, understanding, self-awareness—or more precisely, a skill set associated with emotional intelligence (EQ). It just so happens that emotional competencies also translate extremely well to the professional world. And the best part? These skills can be learned. Psychologists have been studying emotional intelligence […]

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Perhaps the Safest Place to Make Mistakes…and Learn From Them

Risk aversion can give rise to undesirable behavior later in life. The University of Sydney’s Playground Project states that a consequence of risk aversion is that children can lack physical and emotional challenges, giving rise to undesirable behavior such as bullying. Though the long-term consequences of risk avoidance are still not fully understood, it does seem that […]

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Making the Argument: Camp Creates Advantage

Over the last five years a growing tidal wave of research makes it clear that there are a certain set of skills that predict for long-term success in life — and those are the skills being taught at summer camp. Academic performance may help students get into a competitive college, but it is grit, tenacity, […]

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Spring Board Retreat – Focus on Impact

Over the weekend of April 24-26 the JACF Trustees and management met for their spring retreat among the beautiful surroundings of The Nature Place, part of the Sanborn Western Camps property in Florissant, CO. High on the agenda was discussion about measuring the outcomes of the summer camp experience and the long-term impact they can [...]
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Impact of a summer camp experience on at-risk middle school youth

In 2012 the Open Journal Of Occupational Therapy published the findings of a study entitled ‘Effects of a Summer Camp Experience on Factors of Resilience in At-Risk Youth’, which addressed the impact of a summer camp experience on at-risk middle school youth by exploring self-reported growth in skill development and resilience. Results showed statistically significant […]

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The JACF Annual CAMPaign is a movement to reconnect with your inner camp and share your stories to raise awareness of the impact that summer camp has had on you. With your support the John Austin Cheley Foundation will continue to bring this opportunity and this impact to more and more low income and underserved […]

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