“I Can’t Wait” – Help Send 4 More Kids To Camp

We are excited to announce that we have issued funding for over 100 campers to attend camp this summer, but we need your help!  We have a handful of kids currently on our waiting list and it is our goal to get four of them off the list and into a campership. Thanks to two generous challenge matches we can achieve this with your help if we can raise $10,000 by April 15th.

Help send Jack, Kimball, Dylan and Ryland to camp this summer...

Jack and Kimball

Meet Jack and Kimball.  They are both hoping to attend Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park this summer. To help make this possible Cheley Camps has offered us a wonderful opportunity – if we raise $5,000 to fund a campership for Jack by April 15th they will cover the tuition for Kimball ensuring that both of these great kids get to realize their dreams.

Jack, 15, lives in Duluth, GA, and is a sophomore in high school. He plays lacrosse and runs cross-country. He is one of seven children and, if he is able to attend Cheley this summer, he will be a fourth generation Cheley camper! He is excited to disconnect from electronics, meet new people, and have a “grand adventure” in the wilderness.

 I love being outdoors and in nature. Spending four weeks in the wilderness is like a dream for me.”



Kimball ‘Kimmy’, 13, lives in Centennial, CO, and is in 8th grade. She is hoping to follow in her sister’s footsteps and attend Cheley Camps GTE this summer.

I feel excited about exploring new places! I love to be outdoors and experience new things. I love meeting new people and doing different the activities.”

Dylan and Ryland

Introducing Dylan and Ryland. They are both so excited about the possibility of attending camp for the first time. One of our generous, long-time donors has offered a challenge.  If we raise the $5,000 necessary to fund a campership for Dylan by April 15th they will match the funds to send Ryland to camp.

Dylan, 14, lives in Garrison, NY and is currently in 8th grade. He plays several sports and likes to spend time in the outdoors. He is excited about rafting, hiking, riflery, and especially fishing at camp this summer. Other family members attended Cheley and he hopes he is able to experience it too!

I’m curious and always into adding to the list of things that interest me. I know I will learn how to be prepared during my time at camp. That’s part of the camp experience.”

Ryland ‘Ry’, 11, lives in Durango, CO, and is in the 5th grade. He is hoping to attend Colvig Silver Camps this summer.

“I like to explore. The possibility of going to camp is exciting because hopefully I get to swim and meet new people.”

CAMPAIGN PROGRESS: $4,204.83 raised of our $10,000 goal

Help send Jack, Kimball, Dylan and Ryland to camp this summer...

We are so thankful to Cheley Colorado Camps and our anonymous donor for these amazing opportunities and know that if we all work together we can raise the $10,000 needed to send these four great kids to camp this summer, setting them on a path of incredible growth, and making their dreams come true!

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