Campership Program

Our Camperships are open to youth from families whose financial circumstances would mean that a high-quality residential camp experience would be unattainable without external financial support.  The specific financial circumstances of a family will determine whether they are eligible for Full Support or Partial Support as defined in the JACF Income Eligibility and Family Contribution Guidelines.

The Foundation establishes relationships with youth-mentoring, non-profit organizations, and schools as well as independent volunteers to help us identify great applicants interested in a summer camp experience at one of our partner Camps.

These Mentors play a critical role in guiding a child and family through the application process, assisting award recipients in preparing for camp, advising through the Capstone Service Project requirements, and helping the Foundation with follow-up after camp.

What is a CAMPERSHIP and what does it include?

A JACF Campership is a scholarship to one of the JACF recognized Associate Camps, and it includes:

  • Partial Tuition after Family contribution for one 2-4 week term per summer
  • Transportation  to and from Camp if requested in the Campership Application.*
  • Specialized equipment reimbursement*
  • Credit to Camp Store account*
  • Support from the Mentor to assist the Applicant and Family throughout the camp enrollment process, advise through Capstone Service Project (if applicable), to help answer questions (including equipment, transportation, etc.), complete paperwork, and meet deadlines.
  • Potential to reapply for renewal throughout the lifespan of the camper

           *Available to applicants enrolled in the Full Support Program.  Not available to those in the Partial Support Program

What are the QUALIFICATIONS of a successful Campership applicant?

  • Camper Applicant will be a minimum of 10 years old by June 1st of camp year
  • Camper Applicant will be able to be away from home for up to 4 weeks
  • Camper Applicant will be from a family of low income generally not exceeding 500% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. (Click here to view our Income Eligibility Guidelines)
  • Camper Applicant will have strong potential to thrive in a 2-4 week residential camp program that develops personal skills, social skills, and environmental awareness.
  • Camper Applicant will have the potential toward or openness to grow in the areas of Friendship Skills, Independence, Teamwork, Family Citizenship, Perceived Competence, Interest in Exploration, Responsibility, Affinity for Nature and Problem-Solving Confidence.
  • Camper Applicant will contribute in positive ways to the Camp community.
  • Camper Applicant must reside in the contiguous United States of America.

What is a MENTOR and why does the Campership applicant need one?

The JACF Campership Mentor is a person who assists a Campership Applicant and their Family as they complete the JACF Campership Application for camp funding.  The Mentor actively supports the Camper and their Family through the process of enrolling and preparing to attend Camp. Mentors may be veteran volunteers for the foundation that have worked in a particular region of the country, personnel within a partnering youth services agency or school or a person selected by the Camper who is willing to become a volunteer for the John Austin Cheley Foundation. Click HERE to view the Mentor Guidelines.

Mentor Qualifications:

  • Mentors must be at least 21 years old with current professional experience or prior background in education, youth development, counseling, coaching, ministry or youth-related fields
  • Mentors will live in the Applicant’s geographic hometown
  • Mentors will have approximately two hours per month to support the Applicant/Camper and Family
  • Mentors will be willing to commit to Mentoring the camper for the full ‘life-span’ of the camp experience
  • Mentors must be vetted by JACF through completing the JACF Mentor/Volunteer Application
  • Mentors may NOT be related to the applicant

How do I apply for a JACF Campership?

There are 3 different types of Campership applications. Click HERE to learn about the differences and to apply.