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Introducing Our New Identity

As we prepare for the summer of 2020, our organization’s 30th summer issuing camperships, we remember our heritage and the milestones that have shaped our journey from our formation in 1989 until today. The founding purpose, approach and values set in place years ago are still cherished today. They bind our past and present to […]

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In Memoriam – John Boylan

We are deeply saddened by the unexpected death of John Austin Cheley Foundation trustee and former Board Chair John Boylan who passed away suddenly on July 3 at the age of 52. Our hearts extend to the Boylan family and the many who knew and loved John. During his time on the Board, John served as […]

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Valerie – Toy Donation

Valerie is 15-years-old and has attended Friendly Pines and Cheley Camps as JACF campers for a combined 6 years.  She lives in Aurora, CO. View all 2019 Capstone Projects
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Jose – A-Chord

Jose is 15-years-old and has attended Camp Thunderbird as a JACF camper for 4 years.  He lives in New Rochelle, NY. View all 2019 Capstone Projects
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