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Gathering Evidence for the Impact of Camp

We are convinced that kids need camp: Today, like never before, teens and pre-teens are under tremendous pressure. Self-doubt, peer pressure, and a host of other harmful influences nag at kids every day.  Even kids who enjoy a strong support structure face hurdles. Camp provides opportunities for children and young adults to pull away and catch their breath – catch a vision [...]
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Kai R – Community Clean Up

Kai Robles has attended Kawanhee Camp as a JACF camper for 5 years.  Kai is 15 years old and lives in Denver, CO. Kai attempted to coordinate clean up days in his community and succeeded in raising awareness about the need to be environmentally friendly. Learning Objectives: To be environmentally friendly and preserving the planet for future generations. Spread awareness [...]
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Hetsia L – Beautiful Faces   Hetsia Leon has attended Colvig Camps as a JACF camper for 3 years.  Hetsia is 15 years old and lives in Chicago, IL. Hetsia’s project, Beautiful Faces, supported HOPE, a women’s shelter in Chicago. Metro staff, advisors and students gathered unused makeup and distributed them to three centers in the HOPE network. Learning Objectives: Working to get answers […]

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